Expanding iSCSI Lefthand Networks lun on a Windows Operating System

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Needed to expand a existing volume / iSCSI lun on a Windows based system.

Increasing the Volume Size via the Lefthand SAN Central Management Console.
1. Launch the CMS from Windows desktop

2. Select the volume to increase

3. double click to bring up the Edit Volume window

4. Adjust the volume size, hard threshold and soft threshold accordingly.

Increase the Volume Size in WIndows

1. launch Windows Logical Disk Manager – This will rescan the disks and see the new volume size.

2. launch diskpart.exe from dos prompt. With dos prompt at c:\

3. list the volumes that appear on the system by type the command “list volume”

4. select the volume to extend by type “select volume #” where # is the volume corresponding number you want to expand.

5. with the volume selected, type “extend” to grow the lun / volume to the size of the full disk that has been expanded on the san.

Notice that an asterisk is put by the volume and the new size of the volume has been updated.

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