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Internet Of Things Risks: Smart Home Device Security Threats

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Abstract The Internet of Things (IoT) devices connected to the Internet in 2015 is estimated to be five billion.  This number is seen growing to twenty-five billion within the next five years and thought to be the third wave of the Internet boom as described by O’Brien (2015).  This paper focuses on the security risks… Read more »

Google Zeitgeist 2010 Reveals The Top Internet Searches For The Year

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Always Interesting what people are searching for on the Internet.   Google Zeitgeist list the most searched words for 2010.  All Zeitgeist New Zealand’s Zeitgeist‘sIpad’s popular for sure world wide and Christchurch Earthquake seems to be up there in NZ. Fastest Rising Worldwide chatroulette ipad justin bieber nick minaj friv myxer katy perry twitter gamezer facebook… Read more »

NZiDev This weekend

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Attended  NZiDev this weekend.   A barcamp.   First one.  Really liked the format of barcamp where folks of conference drive the topics and than experts and newbies arrive in the room to interact.   Amazing bunch of folks. Inspires me to get moving onto something new.

Removing Oracle RAC from Windows X64

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I had to remove Oracle 11g and reinstall Oracle 10gRel2 for a client recently. 1a, b and d are required if you are using RAW devices for your OCR and Votedisk If you are using OCFS for these files, skip to step 1c followed by 1e. 1. Remove the partitions that have been initialized for… Read more »

Settling In

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Have been in Christchurch New Zealand since 27th Apr 2008. Getting bearings on which way is the sea and which way are the alps. Surfers looked pretty cold off the pier in Christchurch but seemed to be enjoying the surf in the cold fall water and wind. We have lived in 2 different house in… Read more »

Coldfusion Nested Cfloop or Cfloop within a Cfloop

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Coldfusion Cfloop within a cfloop or gives interesting results. I couldn’t believe it was a bug. But looks to be true once tested. Thanks to Blog of Jehiah Czebotar who bailed me out of this issue after looking at it for some time with eyes crossed and debugging. Here is the summary from Jehiah blog… Read more »

Colorado Anti-Junk Mail Legislation Halted – Consumers can still stop junk mail privately

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Legislative efforts to allow consumers to eliminate junk mail from their mailboxes have been halted in Colorado. But Coloradoans still have options, such as, to remove themselves from mass mailing lists. wants consumers everywhere to know that even though similar efforts throughout the country are being stifled, they can still opt-out of getting direct mail using the company’s private service.

Survey Shows Consumer Opinions on Junk Mail

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Survey Shows Consumer Opinions on Junk Mail BOULDER, COLO. – Mar. 7, 2007 – Consumers think they are getting too much junk mail according to’s 2006 fourth quarter survey. Results show that the majority of survey participants receive at least 6-10 catalogs per week, almost all of which are discarded immediately, leaving many to… Read more »

Turn Off Disable Oracle Recycle Bin

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In a comment today about the Empty Oracle Recycle Bin , A person wanted to know how one turns off or disables the Oracle Recycle Bin?In ORACLE 10G Release 1 there is a knob to turn to disable the behavior of recycling bin. The “_recyclebin” which defaults to TRUE. We can disable it by setting… Read more »

Empty Oracle Recycle Bin

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 A new feature in Oracle 10g Release 2 was the Reycycle Bin. The recycle bin in the Oracle database is where all dropped objects reside. Underneath the covers the object are taking up the same space when they were created.     "DROP TABLE mytable", it doesn't really drop it. It instead renames it to e.g.:… Read more »

VMware Server verse Microsoft Virtual Server

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Seems much of 2006 was spent testing virtual server software. I find it interesting that for years on the mainframe we have been using virtual machines. I just read the article by M. T Jones on Virtual Linux and it talks about the history and kinds of virtualization. Spent much of 2006 working with Microsoft… Read more »

New Year

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Well a new year has come. 2006 is here to stay. I am trying to figure out how to use wordpress 2.0 just updated. Nice new features. Also tried to set-up http:/// rss feed. Seems to be working.


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Oracle RAC Standard Edition Release 2 is up but not without a struggle getting ASM in its own Oracle Home as recommended by the Installation manual