Frisco Colorado Rental

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Frisco Colorado is in the Rocky Mountains. Close to Breckinridge, Vail, Copper, Keystone and other ski areas. Frisco Colorado Rental for more information.

Main Street Frisco has the feel of Main Street Steamboat, but one doesn’t have to drive as far from the Denver / Boulder area to get there. Simple town with simple people thats why we like it.

Oracle Rac

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Starter planning new Oracle database using Oracle 10g RAC Standard Edtion. It has been interesting so far. Running Linux Red Hat AS 3.0 and data is being put out on a LeftHand Networks SAN. Configured the SAN and NSM to layout disks. Than used ISCSI drivers to connect the SAN Lun’s and Linux togather so we could stat building Oracle RAC. The hardest thing to come to terms with for Oracle 10g RAC Standard Edition is that the require the use of Oracle Automatic Storage Manger or Oracle ASM. Trying to figure out how this works along with Oracle was difficult as the documentation was not all that good for ASM and Oracle support wasn’t to quick in sharing information.
We have decided to can Oracle 10g Release 1 and install Oracle 10g Release 2. Oracle indicates that the want ASM installed in its own Oracle Home which I am still not sure of the step to achieve.

Technology Humm.

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My professor at University talked much about how the computer industry goes from centeralized to distributed every 10 years or so. 20 years in the industry he was right. We are going centralized again. Centralized certainly is easier to manage than distributed.

Blogging – they say it is all the range. Interesting that this is it. Typing in a sudo word document.

Podcasting – Making your mp4 to play for other people.

Music – Went from .wav files downloaded for unsigned bands in the 1990’s to file sharing peer to peer and now loading mp3/mp4 on to a portable hard disk they call an ipod. Interesting how fads go.