IPTV Lacrosse TV

Interactive Television Networks, Inc Launches IPTV Lacrosse TV

Interactive Television Networks, Inc. ITVN Announces the launch of Lacrosse TV IpTV TV network for Lacrosse. This station is for the National Lacrosse League to launch Lacrosse TV See www.lacrossetv.com for more infomration. The sound of TV across the Internet is appealing since we have a two houses. If we could share the box between both places we might be able to save some monthly charges.

Yet The only network available is the Adult Entertainment and Lacrosse TV. I guess we could demo the the Lacrosse TV for the season and see how it works.

Couple of questions I got answered about the service both Lacrosse TV and the new TV services to be launched.

Questions Answered by Support 1/3/06.

When will normal TV Service be avaliable?

Mainstream programming will be available at the end of January.

Is the LacrosseTV just 1 station or more than that?

At this time, LaCrosseTV is one Network devoted expressly to the NLL.

Do you require a ITVN Box for each TV in the house or can you operate more than one TV on a set-top ITVN box?

Each Television would require a Set Top Box and a separate monthly billing plan.

We have a second home with a broadband connection. Can we take the set-top box from the pirmary residence up to our second home with out any problems?

_It can be used basically anywhere that there is a qualifying Broadband Internet Connection. The box is in no way “attached” to a physical address.

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