VMware Server vs. Microsoft Virtual Server, A 2007 Perspective

VMware Server verse Microsoft Virtual Server

Seems much of 2006 was spent testing virtual server software. I find it interesting that for years on the mainframe we have been using virtual machines. I just read the article by M. T Jones on Virtual Linux and it talks about the history and kinds of virtualization.

Spent much of 2006 working with Microsoft Virtual Server(MVS) and VMware Server Most of my time was spent with MVS no that isn’t the MVS of the old days on an IBM mainframe.

It was not easy to set-up MVS on with Redhat Linux running on it. But we did accomplish the task. The main issue when installing redhat was the system wanted to reboot constantly until you could get the .rpm’s installed provided by microsoft. But hey it worked and was free.

But in December we installed VMware’s free Server product. Which honestly was way easier to operate and understand. Getting redhat up was no problem. In fact we just finished a demo Vmware ESX 3.0 box and did a conversion from VMware Server to VMware ESX 3.0 using the VMware beta converter The converter moved the redhat linux image to ESX with no issue found to date. That is pretty good. Wonder what the difference is between the ESX and teh VMware server files that the image needs conversion?

Anyhow believe VMware Server and beta converter are way easier to use than Microsoft Virtual Server

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